Vicious cycle of ‘Education’

Delving into the concept of capitalism and education we need to question, whether the schools need children or do children need the schools.

All these ‘good’ and ‘elite’ schools require children not as potential educationists or intelligentsia but as consumerists of a self-perpetuating culture of a capitalist economy which begins at their kinder garden class.

The very system of schooling inherently carries within itself a sense of grading. Be it the exam reports, selection of class monitor, making uniform lines, solving the same books, requiring uniform answers of questions, it all caters and prepares students for a job that is no different from this. The uniformity of students in terms of their appearance is also a reflection of the same.

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It is observed that the elite schools have a school-brand-specific set of everything, ranging from notebooks to buttons of your shirt. It shows how a student is nothing more than ‘commodities owned by the organisation’ with no individual identity.

The schooling system is dictated in a way that the lesser-haves are supposed to structurally perform for the more-haves in a way that creation of knowledge has no space with the former group. The latter have the opportunity to learn from multiple sources, be it elite coaching institutes, or super –expensive home tuitions and other digital media.

This is because creativity is a ‘buzz’ for the upper class whereas the lower level has to sustain. However, it is also essential to appreciate that the working class is not supporting in isolation, but there is deep-rooted involvement of the bigger-haves to make this class exist.

These children are no more satisfied through creative learning and core thinking but only trough ample supply of study material that is branded by the top publishers and cost almost a fortune.

This model of schooling does have a broader implication. It does not give any scope to bring social conflicts and real-world complications on the school blackboard. The smart boards have become apolitical, ethnoculturally neutral and blind to everything that suppresses the liberal economy and it tries to generate a surplus by attracting these consumers in school uniforms.

It is all to ensure that a student is fit to listen, follow and implement orders by the supervisors of the factory – the authority of any institution they are a part of, and ensure production of yet again uniform, standardised goods and services that are still ready to cycle back to square one.

As structured, the education will tell you how to think, how to work and follow the set standards. You will pursue the same schooling to get a good-package job. The job will push you further in the profoundly rooted capitalism as it will need you to follow again and work in the same uniformity-required environment which is not escapable. Since in this system, you cannot pass on your job to your kids, who need to survive, they will again attend the same school. This structure will not collapse, and it’s us who have been solidifying it, day by day for the past many decades.


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  1. niel says:

    Thought provoking article.
    There are many aspects in our education system which need to be modified and changed.
    A lot of people and organizations are working in this regard and gradually it is happening too.

    Keep on writing.
    All the best.


  2. Raju Ranjan Singh says:

    Keep it up Arushi. Raised some really disturbing questions to society in general and educationists in particular.


  3. Rupa Verma says:

    A lucid style combined with pertinent content is what makes your article so arresting. The write up is a candid presentation of views of what truly affects and matters in the education system.


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